Most Recent / July 1, 2021

We are moving to our dream property, a true safe haven. Where we will be able to pursue all of our farming dreams, build our little family and continue on the legacy of the Harrison family. Truly wonderful. Albeit, at times it can also feel a little heavy.

This acreage has been in my family for a long time. It has been carefully respected for all of its unique features. Covered with cedar woods, pine stands, swamps, ponds, fields and streams. As a result, it has a almost magical feel to it. The farm naturally gives space to reset perspective, to focus on what is most important to us. We are about to become third generation stewards to this land. Gently caring for it for the next generation and hopefully many generations after that.

As we begin to pack our little house in town, there is definitely a feeling of both sadness as well as joy. In other words it is the definition of bittersweet. Truly it has been a safe haven for us. Bringing such a huge sense of security and stability. As well, it gave us a chance to grow into the family we are today. Especially throughout the pandemic.

Beyond the stress of packing, and all of the logistics that come with a move I am simply so incredibly thankful to be here. There are still times I really can’t even believe it. Eager to start really living, settled, content and with gratitude up to the brim.

From one safe haven to the next.



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We are the Harrison-Hills: Connor, Emma-Lee, Hudson and Forrest. We are the third generation of Harrison's to live and work on these beautiful 137 acres just outside of Lakefield, Ontario and we are so excited to share our farm with you.

xx Emma