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OUR Refined Growth Era

Our refined plan starts with some maturity on the farming front + good old fashion time, our little family growing by one more in early august, a surprise twist of wedding florals becoming a large part of what we do + always returning to the roots of why we are here.

We will certainly enjoy looking back on this post in a few years to see how our new well made plans turned into more mis-steps. Isn't that what personal development is all about.

Well Made Plans

In the very beginning of our farms new direction/development we were sure we had a great plan, but like most well made plans in hindsight perhaps it could have used some editing. After all, they were made by two people who were filled with excitement to get going, but lacked the refinement that only a little  thing called experience can bring. But without that excitement up to the brim I am almost certain no one in their right mind starts farming.  In the yearly days (Fall 2021) we filled a field with spring bulbs that we were certain would be a great start. Well... they bloomed after mothers day the following year, + we missed the biggest spring flower event. We created a new garden space in haste,(Spring 2022) only to have a dismal year of dahlia flowers. We weren't alone in this, it seemed as though it was a tough year on most Ontario flower growers, but we could have taken a slower pace in this new space to help the poor weather conditions we faced.  While these are just a few of our lets call "interesting" developments, it leads us to our-here + now.


After our humble beginnings of just 3 cows + 3 years, our first grass fed beef will be available this July. While this is an extremely bittersweet moment that I am certain for me will never get easier, our desire for feeding our family + community the absolute best food we can, trumps how difficult these moments are. If you are interested in our beef we do have a little space left, you can reach out with any questions or to place an order by sending us an email


Perhaps, you already saw this but we had a weasel attack last month + we lost all but four of our laying hens. Weasels are so very sneaky + frankly deadly creatures to have visit your farm. But I will say they are both efficient + tidy in their process of demolishing your flock in one sitting. The bright-side if I dare say so, is that we are starting over fresh this month with new birds + an open list for a few more subscribers to our well loved, free range eggs. Email is the best way to save yourself a spot please reach out to  if you would like to be put on our Spring Egg list.


Yes! We will have an abundance of spring blooms. It is looking like sooner rather than later this year. With that hope in mind we will be hosting a few spring flower bars here on the farm + we can not wait to have you visit us. Stay tuned for all the dates + times coming soon.

Our flower grow list has become the most refined aspect of our growth. But you've seen flowers?!? And I'm sure you'll agree it is impossible to not want to grow them all. Which has lead me in the past to order a-lot of everything. This year is the first time I have truly curated a selection of our must grow flowers. It didn't hurt that Floret Flowers for the first time ever offered her farm bred Zinnia seeds for sale. They are the colour palette of what a growers dreams are made of.  With our first batch of seedling tucked carefully into their growing space we await the newest season with such excitement.

As always we will keep you involved in it all.

Until next time,


We are the Harrison-Hills: Connor, Emma-Lee, Hudson and Forrest. We are the third generation of Harrison's to live and work on these beautiful 137 acres just outside of Lakefield, Ontario and we are so excited to share our farm with you.

xx Emma

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