THE Harrison HILL farm

Snickers Bites

March 16, 2024

SNICKERS BITES Most Recent / March 17th 2024 A RECIPE WORTH TRYING One of my absolute favourite treats is anything chocolate with nuts. Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cashews…I don’t discriminate. So, it will come as no surprise that I love a snickers bar straight from the freezer. Well, I must tell you when I first saw […]

The year of refined growth

March 9, 2024

THE YEAR OF REFINED GROWTH Most Recent / March 9th 2024 OUR Refined Growth Era Our refined plan starts with some maturity on the farming front + good old fashion time, our little family growing by one more in early august, a surprise twist of wedding florals becoming a large part of what we do […]

LEtters From:

March 7, 2024

Letters From: If you follow us on instagram then you know we have been hit or miss on the content + updates, well there is a good reason for that, I suppose many reasons so we’ll elaborate: As like any other year we both yearn for some change. Those changes start mostly behind the scenes […]

The Polaroid Birthday

July 3, 2023

THE POLAROID BIRTHDAY Most Recent / June 23rd, 2023   Hudsons 9th birthday. Although this post is about a birthday celebration, we have been sitting with what we want our time together to look like, not just holidays or special occasions, but all the time. We kicked off our plan with Hudsons birthday. We wanted […]

Feeling the Shift

June 11, 2023

FEELING THE SHIFT Most Recent / June 11th, 2023 There is always a point in each season that I start feeling the shift. You can smell it in the air on a warm day. Shifting to all that the newest season brings. This was the first week that I have felt our family make the […]

The Sweetness of Spring

June 4, 2023

THE SWEETNESS OF SPRING Most Recent / June 4th, 2023 There is so much I want to write down, to remember, to pass along to another generation. Missing the last few weeks was almost enough for me to throw in the towel on this whole writing idea. But I know that these letters that are […]

It’s been a week…

April 30, 2023

IT’S BEEN A WEEK Most Recent / April 30th, 2023 As a lover of rain, you may be surprised to hear that today’s dreary weather is not for me. It’s been a real week, with some really high-highs and some crappy lows. I don’t feel any desire to recap many of the lows as I […]

So, I Have This Wheat

April 23, 2023

SO, I HAVE THIS WHEAT Most Recent / April 23th, 2023 Before my dad passed, he went on a mission to do a decade’s worth of work in a few months. As he worked, he slowly faded away until he was unable to move at all. A memory that is both hauntingly sad but riddled […]

See you soon summer

April 16, 2023

SEE YOU SOON SUMMER Most Recent / April 16th, 2023 Well hasn’t this been interesting? Mini summer in April. The daytime highs hitting close to 30 degrees for almost 6 days. It has certainly swung all things spring into high gear. The weather has kept us mostly outside over the past week so this week’s […]

if nothing else at least we’re committed

April 8, 2023

IF NOTHING ELSE AT LEAST WE’RE COMMITTED Most Recent / April 8th, 2023 8:38 pm, Saturday night, all ready for bed and for Real Housewives of Miami. Internal Dialogue: You haven’t written this week’s blog post. But I made a commitment to myself, blah, blah blah… but I really did, and it turns out there […]